Silver Necklaces

Silver necklaces add eye-catching glamour to every look. From the simplicity of delicately adorned silver chain necklaces for everyday confidence from café to boardroom, to the sumptuous opulence of sparkling long chains and chokers, dripping with crystals, quartz, gems and pearls. Dress up your little black dress, it’s party time.

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Circlet Chain

  1. Curb Chain 40cm

    Curb Chain 40cm

  2. Curb Chain 45cm

    Curb Chain 45cm

  3. 1.0mm Snake Chain 40cm

    1.0mm Snake Chain 40cm

  4. 50cm Curb Chain

    50cm Curb Chain

  5. 1.0mm Snake Chain 45cm

    1.0mm Snake Chain 45cm

  6. 55cm Curb Chain

    55cm Curb Chain

  7. 1.0mm Snake Chain 50cm

    1.0mm Snake Chain 50cm

  8. 1.0mm Snake Chain 55cm

    1.0mm Snake Chain 55cm

  9. 1mm Id Tag Chain

    1mm Id Tag Chain

  10. Triple Heart Chain

    Triple Heart Chain

  11. Oasis Chain

    Oasis Chain

  12. Pavé Links Chain

    Pavé Links Chain