Silver Bangles

Exquisite silver bangles crafted in quality silver. Plain silver for office days or handcrafted and stone set in a myriad of colours and designs for weekends and glitzy nights out. Our children’s bangles make a perfect christening gift too. All exclusive to Silver by Mail, gift boxed and delivered to home or work for the perfect gift.

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Chanelle Bangle

  1. Seven Rings Bangle

    Seven Rings Bangle

  2. Le Chateau Bangle

    Le Chateau Bangle

  3. Russian Wedding Bangle

    Russian Wedding Bangle

  4. Mayamori Bangle

    Mayamori Bangle

  5. Te Amo Bangle

    Te Amo Bangle

  6. Kama Bangle

    Kama Bangle

  7. Jet Stream Bangle

    Jet Stream Bangle

  8. Swangle Bangle

    Swangle Bangle

  9. Kama Bangle

    Kama Bangle

  10. Chanelle Bangle

    Chanelle Bangle

  11. Ribbon Twist Bangle

    Ribbon Twist Bangle

  12. Cuff Bangle

    Cuff Bangle